Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Other Characters
Dionne - Cher's sidekick. Always there when Cher needs boy or fashion advice.
Tai - Cher's "project." The quirky new girl that is adorably clueless.
Josh - The ex-stepbrother. The opposite of Cher yet somehow they have a connection.
Murray - Dionne's boyfriend.
Travis - The stoner who Tai ends up falling for.
Elton - The rich guy obsessed with Cher
Christian - Cher's big crush. That is until she finds out some interesting things about him.


Cher Horowitz

Played by Alicia Silverstone and the star of the movie. She's almost 16, she's rich, popular, and she loves letting the world benefit by her expertise in all of life's important issues--like dating, fashions and looking good. She's the queen bee of her friends and has no problem letting everybody else know what's on her mind. Although at times she comes off as ditzy and superficial, she really does have a good heart. A character that, with time, is hard not to fall in love with.